No matter what issue brings one to therapy, most people experience more hope when they feel connected and understood. I have over twelve years’ experience assessing and counseling young children, adolescents and adults. Providing a supportive, non-judgmental, problem-solving approach when providing services to students is something I belive every client deserves. Establishing trust with each individual is critical to a good rapport; therefore, you can rest assured that HIPAA confidentiality is taken seriously.

I  earned my Bachelor of Science Degree, with a major in Social Work and a minor in psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. During this time, I worked with individuals who were battling substance abuse, diagnosed with HIV, mental illness, and financial deficits. I then earned my graduate degree from University of Connecticut School of Social Work, with a major in casework, a minor in group work, and a substantive area in Children and Family Services. During this time, professionally I provided therapy to children that were placed in therapeutic foster home, providing family therapy as well.

I began to work in schools once she earned her school social worker certification. This is where I spent the majority of my professional career; providing services to students who had been struggling emotionally, academically and behaviorally. The interventions that I implemented were individually based on the students’ needs. It’s imperative to work closely with the students and their families, as the dynamic of the family is often an area of challenge. I have also gained an abundant amount of experience providing crisis assessments, interventions and safety planning.

While my success is due largely to advanced education and training, even more important is my ability to genuinely connect with my clients. I have been described as being warm and compassionate; while also gently encouraging people to make the changes which will allow them more happiness. You may want to change current patterns that don't work, or perhaps to heal pain from the past. Please do not hesitate to contact me to receive therapies that are tailored to your needs. Whatever phase you are experiencing, I will help you achieve your goals and help you gain the skills necessary to make this difficult transition a very successful one.

There are three things that have contributed to the way that I practice social work: my passion for learning, my desire to help, and the fact that since the beginning of my career I seem to have attracted the “hard to help.” Those things create a perfect storm for a holistic approach to mental health. Through the years I have gotten excited about many techniques that have been advertised as “the” thing for a certain population or problem. Even when it has worked very well, there have been people for whom it didn’t work at all. That has kept me searching for more and more techniques and theories until finally I came to realize that wellness is very simple.

The focus of my practice is on each individual as unique beings. Essentially, I believe that there are “many roads to Rome” and strongly respect the individuality of each person. I tailor treatment options according to your needs and my role is to help you clear away blockages that keep you stuck and prevent you from attaining your goals. During the time I have been studying and practicing energy healing, it has had a profound effect on my life and the clients I serve. I have found outcomes are more powerful, longer lasting and less expensive. This is why I embrace the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

If you have a problem that you have not been able to break through, let’s talk. We all know how hard it is to truly find balance in today’s busy, hectic world. But it is possible and I can help.